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Who we are

Favour is a perfect blend of dedicated, passionate and experienced Chefs, Decent & Friendly Waiters and a Serene Atmosphere to give you a memory that would last a life time. A memory of Delicious, Tasty and Fast Meals plus a customer service experience that always lingers on.

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Your Favourite Dishes On 1 Menu

Local Dishes, Professionally Prepared

That meal you crave so much, and wished you could have it well-served away from home. Favour's kitchen brings your favourite meal to the table with a touch of excellence yet the same great taste

Meal Time

For every time of the day, regardless of where the hands of the clock are facing, favour has something for that great time of the day!




The menu

Take a seat, feel comfortable and go through our menu. When you find the meal that has your attention, just let us know.